Director: Hype Williams
Most outrageously awesome style moment: Float-rapping in a zero-gravity chamber.

A music video treatment game-changer. You thought a video's moving parts all had to come together? Not so, says Puff. The Bad Boy dynamic duo spit their verses on spacey sets in alternating super-bright costumes that are definitely first to mind when people reflect on the "Shiny Suit Era." Then they're suddenly in a zero-gravity chamber.

Meanwhile a running skit follows Puffy Combs on the green trying to score a PGA Masters win in BIG's honor while Ma$e Gumbel reports. These two story threads never intersect. And then there's that final "Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions" shot, which feels like Michael Bay either slid through for a guest-direct or owes Hype and Puff some bread for inspiring Bad Boys 2.