G-Dep was, well, a G. His Bad Boy Records 2001 album Child of the Ghetto was a certified banger and he was caking with one of the best entrepeneurs in the game. Unfortunately, the things that he rapped about—rampant drug use, living in poverty, and toting a gun for protection—weren't just hyperbole. He lived that shit. But, at least he can rest his laurels on one thing: His video for the single "Let's Get It" is the inspiration for many of your favorite style trends today. 

Between G-Dep, Diddy, and Black Rob, not only did the trio open the world's eyes to the artform that is the real  Harlem Shake, but they dropped some serious fashion gems that we weren't even ready for back then. However, someone from the Illuminati must've watched "Let's Get It" recently and decided to bring all the dope shit from the video back to the forefront of fashion.

You can thank Bad Boy Records for letting such awesomeness rain down upon us back in '01, because now, 12 years later, we can finally understand How the G-Dep "Let's Get It" Music Video Predicted All of Today's Trends.

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