Earlier this week, Nike unveiled the Kobe 9 Elite Low HTMs. Much to the dismay of those in, well, anywhere but Milan, the sneakers are only available in the Italian city. People are probably right to be upset since these sneakers are total gems—so much that Miniwiz founder Arthur Huang has dedicated a massive, floating installation to the highly sought-after shoes.

Huang and Nike unveiled Aero-Static Dome this week to celebrate the release of the Kobe 9 Elite Low HTMs, which also coincides with Milan Design Week 2014. The gravity-defying installation towers over Milan's Palazzo Clerici. It consists of an inflated, metallic dome, anchored to the ground by mesh knitting and nine glass structures. Inside each of the nine showcases are, you guessed it, the brand new Nike sneakers. Pretty sweet, huh? Anyone who wants the shoes badly enough to travel to Milan ought to check out this work of art. 

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[via DesignBoom]