It's not every day that someone can say, "I have a friend Yves Béhar," as Kanye West did last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers. While Kanye may be the household name out of the two, Behar is a name that many more should know, based on his historic innovations across design.

He's won countless design awards for ideas as diverse as chairs, vibrators, condoms, lights, laptops, speakers, vacuums, and more. The thread between all of his ventures in product and industrial design is an aim to promote health, environmentalism, and global access to affordable technology. These days, his ideas come to life through his company fuseproject, which is where he produced the now ubiquitous Jawbone speaker products, in addition to the "See Better to Learn Better" eyeglasses (400,000 pairs are given away for free every year) and "One Laptop Per Child" XO laptop (a $100 laptop designed for children).

On Late Night, Kanye said,

I have a friend Yves Béhar, [who] designed the Jawbone wristband and the Jambox and everything. As a designer, he's not in a box to only design a speaker. He can design whatever he wants. That's the type of creative expression and freedom any creative wants. 

To show just how much we agree with Kanye (that Yves Béhar is a god and not in any sort of design box that we can see), we've highlighted 10 Designs That Prove Kanye West's Friend Yves Béhar Is a God. You're welcome.

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