GQ published a feature with Pharrell today, where the 40-year-old musical genius talks about his new, more mature state of mind and music. In one segment, journalist Zach Baron brings up the super-blinged out Rubik's Cube chain Skateboard P used to sport. But instead of reveling in how awesome his jewelry game used to be, Pharrell dismisses it, saying he doesn't "wear big, crazy stuff" anymore. 

"No, I was out of my mind," he said. "It was ridiculous. But that's how caught up I was." 

When Baron suggests giving it to Pharrell's son, the super producer gave him a "skeptical look." Apparently, he would much rather young Rocket Man's inheritance be "a great education and a positive outlook on life."

Well, we still think it's awesome. Read the rest of Pharrell's GQ feature here.

[via GQ]