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Exhibitions: Inbox Full at "PADDLES ON!"

While 24-year-old digital artist Molly Soda has been creating GIF art and videos for her 30,000 or so Tumblr followers to enjoy, occasionally accepting donations and selling customized pieces to specific buyers, she has never sold a piece a work she wasn't commissioned to make—that is until this year's first ever digital art auction, "PADDLES ON!," a collaborative exhibition and sale put on by Phillips and Tumblr.

"I think a lot of people have issues making money off the work, because it's not a physical thing," she told The Verge. "It's like, 'You're not an artist. Where is your painting?'"

The auction was a triumph for Molly, who sold her piece Inbox Full a webcam video she filmed of herself reading all of the messages in her Tumblr inbox—an 8-hour feat which took a whole of a perseverance. Molly helped changed the very notion of art and reinforced the idea that art doesn't have to be tangible.