Exhibitions: "Bigger Exhibition" at de Young Museum 

David Hockney, who is perhaps Britain's most influential living artist today, has always been an innovator. In the 1970s, it was Hockney who accidentally created what he called a "joiner," arranging multiple Polaroid photos in a grid to create an entirely new art form while simultaneously restructuring the art of photography. In October 2013, the avant-garde artist created and showed a new kind of art in "A Bigger Exhibition" at San Francisco's de Young Museum. The exhibition comprises watercolors and charcoal on paper, works on video camera, as well as 150 paintings Hockney hand painted on iPads.

The artist first started this new artistic endeavor on his iPhone nearly five years ago, sharing his creations with his friends through email. "It's a very new medium," he told Huffington Post. "I was pretty amazed by them actually," he said of his final products. While some of the digital renderings are displayed on electronic screens, others have been reproduced on large panels. The most notable of this exhibition is Bigger Yosemite, a digital painting which has been enlarged into a 12-foot high print of Yosemite National Park. Though Hockney isn't sure which direction digital art will be going, it's safe to say he played a role in paving the way for future digital artists this year.