Kanye West just premiered his video for "Bound 2" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning. As it turns out, the rumors were true—(a nude) Kim Kardashian made a cameo in the video directed by Nick Knight. She and West get intimate on a motorcycle as they ride along the Grand Canyon. 

Anyway, Yeezy stayed true to his current look in the video, rocking flannel and vintage rock tees. While cruising around the Grand Canyon, he wore a Fear of God short sleeve flannel over a plaid Ralph Lauren long sleeve shirt on some next-level layering (at one point he even threw on a fur vest over all that plaid/flannel). He also rocked his favorite visvim beaded necklace. He switched between that and a vintage tie-dye Iron Maiden T-shirt that we've also seen before. Kudos to Ye for sticking to his current sartorial guns.

Watch the video in its entirety here

[via UpscaleHype]