When Drake wore theWu-Tang Forever T-shirt, it brought up a bunch of speculation of what it would mean for his upcoming album, Nothing Was the Same. Well, the album released today, and to celebrate the occasion, Drake linked up with two actual members of the Shaolin rap crew—Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, who are rumored to be on a "Wu-Tang Forever" remix with Drake, and who are style icons in their own right. But next to this monumental moment in hip-hop history, we're also paying attention to what Drake's wearing.

Drake is wearing a longsleeve T-shirt from the Stussy and BAPE "ILL Collaboration" that dropped last week, and it's nice to have him give a nod to his humble roots and "Started From the Bottom" mentality by sporting streetwear that's at an agreeable price point. Right now, the T-shirt isn't available on Stussy's website, but there's still plenty of the collection left. You won't be able to chill with rap royalty by copying Drake's style, but you can always aspire to do so.

[via champagnepapi]