As of late, Drake has loved to sport throwback gear. Still, we were shocked to see the Toronto rapper in the studio, early this morning; indulging in some greenery, while wearing a Wu-Tang Forever T-shirt. Drizzy, who was only 10 years old when the album dropped, could have felt nostalgic for an era where he was still sneaking rap albums into the house like the rest of us.

Either way, it's dope to see one of the biggest rappers in the game give a shout to a crew that pioneered the rap game and asserted that it was for the children. So, it's not far-fetched that think that a childhood Drake would have been down with the record that boasted one of the greatest rap videos of all time, "Triumph."

Or, is this an omen that his latest record, which releases on September 17, will have a Wu-Tang feature on it? If so, then who? Not to speculate, but that would be awesome.

[via Champagne Papi]