Hardly anyone on Earth can begin to compete with Mayor's sneaker collection. But what's true is that he doesn't get a chance to wear all of his shoes. We're not saying you should accrue so much footwear that you have to dedicate a whole room to storing it, but there's that stunt factor to keeping a covetable pair on ice for a while, only to undeadstock them a few months later—when everyone else's kicks are already looking beat. How does this apply to clothes? Easy. Hold off on wearing that denim jacket or M-65 until the weather is right. The thing about sales is that clothing is really cheap when the weather is totally wrong for it—jackets are easy gets in the summer, shorts are cheap in the winter, etc. Maybe you'll get a good deal on something you like that's really cool, but consider leaving it in the closet for second until it's the perfect time to bust it out.