The holiday season, with its constant sales and deals, can often be a perfect time to nail down your essential winter wardrobe. For all the talk out there about "buying less but buying better" and building up a closet of "menswear essentials," it can be hard to boil down any wardrobe to the basic pieces any guy can throw on and look great in. We decided to compile a guide of the clothes that, especially for dudes who have no idea where to start, will provide the foundation for a closet full of classics.

That said, keep in mind that fit is paramount. Don't just buy stuff blindly without at least having an idea of how it'll sit on your body. Does that mean you have to go out and try it on? Not really. just be sure to know your measurements, and if all else, at least you can return stuff that didn't work out. Here's to a more stylish you. These are 10 Clothing Items Every Guy Should Own.

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