No matter how on point your kick game is, it doesn't say anything about how well you can dress. While you get Internet props for your Instagram and reblogs for the #ComplexKicks you post daily, chances are your personal style could use some pointers. While there are plenty of dudes who are up on the illest brands and have no problem weaving in their sneakers with anything (sup, Joe La Puma?), most guys can probably use some pointers.

Since we're huge sneakerheads in addition to total Stans about men's clothing, we know a couple of ways anyone can take their wardrobe from "meh" to "awesome." All it takes is a basic grasp of some simple rules, a couple of smart buys, and a little time to learn how to put it all together. Get laced beyond your feet, here are 10 Easy Ways Dedicated Sneakerheads Can Step Up Their Style.

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