Athletes have it made. They get paid tons of money, get corporate sponsorships and endorsement deals, and clothing brands sometimes send them free stuff just for being famous. However, off-the-field fame doesn't necessarily translate into on-the-field results. There are plenty of famous jocks who haven't met their full potential, or whose initial promise has long since faded.

Luckily for them, they still collect a healthy paycheck, which gives them ample opportunity to dress great on a regular basis. Hey, if we were pulling in over $400,000 a year a easily, we'd be dipped head-to-toe in all of our favorite designer labels as well. You always hear about the most stylish players this year, but the majority of those players have something in common: They're good. Here are the guys who aren't exactly putting numbers on the board, but know a thing or two about putting a good outfit together. These are The Stylish Athletes Who Dress Better Than They Play.

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