Year It First Dropped: 2006

Shinsuke Takizawa opened the NEIGHBORHOOD store in 1994 on Harajuku's Cat Street—where you'd be sure to spot well-dressed youth out and about. Inspired by biker culture and hard-wearing garments like leather jackets and denim, NEIGHBORHOOD's clothes also took inspirations from surplus and outdoor gear. It's a story similar to James Jebbia's Supreme, also opened in 1994, albeit on a grimy Lafayette Street in a New York that was more rough around the edges. These kindred spirits came together for the first time in 2006, creating instant classics like the box logo tee with a skull and crossed swords above it, murdered-out baseball jackets with killer tonal embroidery, and broken-in selvedge jeans with a Yankee logo flip on the back pockets. The story told itself, and the clothes lent to that mythology without spelling it out for you.

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