Let’s be honest here: Men’s style is a kind of a no-brainer. You don't even have to dress well to get by, and a little grooming goes a long way. People just don't expect much. Keep a clean cut, avoid bogus trends, and you’ll save yourself mounds of embarrassment decades down the line.

Who you should be embarrassed for is these guys. These are the attention whores, better known as celebrities. Whether it's spray-painted Caesars or white dudes with cornrows, leave it to those in the spotlight to step out with the most cringe-worthy ‘dos.

Sure, some styles are a product of the times. (Everyone had a bowl cut in ’88.) But it’s the extreme mullets and desperate combovers that are not only unnecessary but now immortalized in the pages of Google Images. Thanks, Internet!

With that, we present to you the 50 Worst Celebrity Hair Styles.

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