4. Nick Wooster

Occupation: Creative Director of Men's Clothing, J.C. Penney

Most people know Mr. Wooster as the mustachioed badass who has graced street style blogs as much as any of our modern day style icons. Nick's pedigree is as impressive as his blog presence. His love for camo knows no bounds and all those kids that have taken up smoking since he's burst onto the scene, well, that's just a negative side effect of being one of the best dressed men in the world. 

Most notably he was the Men's Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services (this includes NYC's iconic Bergdorf Goodman) and has put in work at John Bartlett, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Park & Bond, and Project tradeshow. When news broke that he would be joining J.C. Penney as the Creative Director of Men's Clothing, the fashion world took notice. If there's anyone that can bring a little Milan to your local mall, it's Nick Wooster.