We all know that, “no offense, but…” is always followed by something offensive, as if the warning beforehand is supposed to make the rest of the sentence acceptable. This is basically what Gisele Bundchen did to Tom Brady's ex and mother of his first child (Jack), model and now actress, Bridget Moynahan. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she essentially said that she didn't want to diminish Jack's relationship with his biological mother, but that she totally considers him her own son. So naturally, Bridget was outraged and did what any celebrity would: spark a tabloid frenzy, of course! In a statement released by her mouthpiece, Bridget implied that if Gisele really did love the kid as her own, she wouldn't parade him in front of the paparazzi and talk about him in the press. Which is essentially what Bridget did, to get her point across, so it looks like we have a tie. A double model fail!