When they hit the field during 2012/2013, Brasil's National soccer team, the world's most decorated, will be dressed in the most environmentally friendly kits ever.

Today, Nike unveiled both home and away kits for upcoming campaigns. The home jersey, Amarelinha ("Little Yellow One"), is a national icon. Built of 96% recycled polyester, the double-knit is 20% stronger than other previous versions. A touch of cotton also makes it softer, and the vintage look balances smoothly with the innovative construction. Bonded seams finish the look.

Key design notes are, like the yellow jersey itself, drawn from Brasil's footballing heritage. The national rally cry, "Born to Play Football", is neatly written in the sleeve —done in pichacao (a native form of graffiti) style. Additionally, graphic artist Don Torelley has produced an alternative crest containing the Southern Cross to sit next to the players hearts. A diamond band on the socks echoes the tattoos of indigenous warriors.

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