28. WTAPS Army-Themed Pieces

Inspired By: US Military Spec

TET from WTAPS is a master of reappropriation and fresh thinking, but two recurring points-of-reference in his collections are a Black Flag inspired 'Rise Above' slogan, and US mil-spec patch branding. Military gear has given us some of the greatest apparel styles of all time, and TET has an over-standing of what looks good. Many Japanese brands do a fine job with re appropriation and remix, but whereas the likes of Neighborhood's excellent punk-riffing has no specific homage iconic enough to single out here, this is a significant one. Yeah, we've seen it on other brands too — some at a similar time, a couple before and many imitations since, but this is a case of the homage becoming the key identifier and where utilitarian, functional looks become a thing-of-desire.

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