After the Toronto Blue Jays were down six runs in the bottom of the sixth, two kids at the game decided their team needed some extra players.

At the Jays’ Friday night game against the Houston Astros, the school-aged boys stormed the field at the Rogers Centre, only to be tackled by security moments later. While it took a little while to get the troublemakers off the field, the crowd went from cheering to booing once they realized the kids were being taken down by fully grown men. 

Allegedly, the two kids were both 11 years old. They were watching the game with one of their parents, who apparently had no idea of their sneaky little plan. Though the crowd may have been booing at the takedown, reactions to the incident have been mixed.

While the Jays were gearing up to make a run comeback right before the boys ran onto the field, their momentum was ruined, and they lost to the Astros 11-7. However, they turned it around on Sunday, where they took home the three-game series with a 3-2 win.

Neither of the kids were charged or banned from the Rogers Centre.