Tyson is best known as the face of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!, though he was reportedly only paid $50,000 to be the face of his own game. Following his rise as a boxer and the success of that game, video game publishing giant Capcom attempted to capitalize on his image as well, and created a boss character named M. Bison for Street Fighter II. The character looked a lot like Tyson, or at least as much as a video game version would look on primitive hardware.

But most Street Fighter fans will know that Tyson looks nothing like the character named M. Bison, and that’s because Capcom had to switch the names of two characters in order to avoid a legal dispute. The African-American boxer character switched names with another character, and his avatar officially adopted the name Balrog in the full release, while his namesake M. Bison lived on as a boss character in future Street Fighter games.