It’s safe to say that Ric Flair isn’t a fan of Brock Purdy.

After San Francisco 49ers QB left Sunday’s NFC Championship game with an injury, the WWE Hall of Famer took to Twitter where he questioned Purdy’s toughness.

“I crashed an airplane. Get in the game!” he tweeted.

Flair was referring to an incident that happened in 1975, when he survived a plane crash that almost ended his life. Flair boarded a small in plane Charlotte, North Carolina bound for a wrestling show in Wilmington. The plane was filled over capacity with Flair, Johnny Valentine, Bob Bruggers, Tim Woods, David Crockett, and pilot Joseph Michael Farkas. Because the plane was over its weight limit and struggled with a headwind, it crashed.

Ultimately Purdy did return to the game, but it was clear that he was compromised. In the end, the Philadelphia Eagles ran over the 49ers, and are headed to the Super Bowl, which will be held on February 12 in Arizona.

As for Flair and Purdy, perhaps they can settle this in the squared circle. It would certainly be more entertaining than today’s game.