24-year-old Charlotte Hornets player Miles Bridges seemingly responded to a since-deleted photo he posted on his Instagram Stories featuring a joint and a styrofoam cup with pink/purple-ish colored liquid inside. 

miles bridges instagram stories joint and pink drink
Image via Instagram

“Pink lemonade,” Bridges wrote, apparently in attempt to dispel speculation that has since bubbled up online that the drink contained codeine. The Hornets player also ended up deleting the tweet shortly after sending it out.

miles bridges instagram stories joint and pink drink responds with tweet
Image via Twitter

As expected, the lean debacle has led to a good amount of reactions being shared on Twitter with many bringing up the chance that the 24-year-old could get in trouble with the NBA over the photo. You can check a few of them out below.

In other news, Bridges previously said he rejected a contract-extension offer from the Hornets that was reportedly worth around $60 million after consulting with his agents. “If it wasn’t for them I probably would’ve taken the deal,” Bridges said at the time. “They got more confidence in me than I have sometimes.