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Lil Baby wants to run it back. 

On Sunday, Lil Baby took to his Instagram Stories where he shared a video of him warming up prior to Bleacher Report’s “Open Run.” Unlike his in-game performance, Lil Baby was actually sinking three confidently. This prompted him to issue a challenge to Jack Harlow and Quavo.

“Give me three months Im setting one of [these] up,” he wrote above the video. “Y’all got em fucced up.” 

Lil Baby teamed up with 2 Chainz during All-Star weekend to take on Quavo and Jack Harlow. Despite proclaiming that a “guy like Jack Harlow” couldn’t beat him in anything, Baby and Chainz ended up losing by a score of 21-7. It doesn’t help that 2 Chainz carried the team while Baby shot a lot of air-balls. This led to Lil Baby being the punchline to a lot of social media jokes.

Although the game was for a good cause ($500,000 was donated to HBCUs), Lil Baby seems ready to redeem himself and restore his good name.