Kevin Durant’s time with the Brooklyn Nets appears to have run its course.

NBA insiders Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski took to Twitter on Thursday to report that KD has requested to be traded.

The news arrives just a few days after Kyrie Irving decided to exercise his player option to return to the Nets next season. According to Woj, Brooklyn’s front office hasn’t had any contract with either Irving or KD since the former announced he was opting in on Monday.

“Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had no contact with the franchise after Irving opted into his deal on Monday, and a sense of inevitability existed that Durant would eventually ask for a trade, sources tell ESPN. It happened today,” he wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet, Woj reports that the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat “are among two of the teams” that KD has his eyes on.

“The Nets plan to move Durant where they can get the best possible deal,” Woj added. “With four years on his contract, there’s no shortage of teams willing to unload assets for Durant.”

Despite Durant having a preferred list of teams, the Nets will reportedly entertain offers from all teams as they search for the best possible deal for their star player.