It’s been almost three months since Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers claimed Super Bowl LV. Have you missed the NFL? We sure have. Throw up your praise hands, football fans—the 2021 draft is almost here. 

Last year’s draft was an event that deviated from the norm. Due to COVID-19, the spectacle was held virtually. Commissioner Roger Goodell announced picks from his basement, with cameras planted inside the residences of players, coaches, and executives. It had an intimate and entertaining feel.

It was an amusing distraction from the chaos of the pandemic, which had essentially shut down sports at the time. This time around, we’re getting back to the normal setup, with picks announced live in Cleveland Thursday-Saturday.

The 2020 draft ushered in a new generation of stars, with some rookies making an impact right from the jump (like Chase Young and Justin Jefferson). More franchise-changers will make their NFL introduction later this week. Your team’s savior could be on his way!

So, what’s the hub-hub around the league surrounding the draft? Let’s run down the juiciest rumors.