It’s officially silly season in the NFL as we head towards the Draft, which is now just three days away. There’s plenty of rumors to keep track of, from what the 49ers will do at No. 3, to the possibility of the Patriots moving up for a QB. As we all sift through the draft stuff, Peter King dropped a bomb in his column this morning that the Falcons, who own the fourth pick, could potentially trade Julio Jones around the draft.

This would be a huge shakeup for the Falcons, who are facing major salary cap issues going forward. Trading away Jones wouldn’t solve every financial issue facing the team, but if a deal is worked out and then executed after June 1, it would give them some flexibility going forward. According to Adam Schefter, trading him after June 1 would save the team $15 million in cap space. 

So, with Julio Jones apparently now on the block going into the draft, who might be interested in trading for him? Well, he’s still very good, so the list of teams should be long. But who could actually make a deal? We picked out five teams that should be all over this going into the NFL Draft.