Dustin Poirier has defeated Conor McGregor by injury TKO at UFC 264.

The highly anticipated match, which took place Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, was over quickly after the first round. McGregor suffered an ankle injury and was not able to continue the fight.

Poirier will head on to fight champion Charles Oliveira for the UFC lightweight title next.

McGregor has responded after the fight, saying he doesn’t mind fighting his rival outside the venue if he has to:

Ultimately, McGregor was taken away from the match on a stretcher. According to UFC president Dana White, the fighter will be headed into surgery in the morning. White also said a fourth fight between the two fighters will take place at some point.

This is McGregor and Poirier’s third fight. Back in January, Poirier beat McGregor with a TKO in the second round at UFC 257. McGregor defeated Poirier in their first fight at UFC 178.

Twitter users, as always, had much to say about the anticlimatic finish: