Just a few days after a Phoenix Suns fan went viral for beating up a pair of Denver Nuggets fans, Devin Booker took to Twitter on Monday to try to locate him.

“Need mans info,” Booker captioned a picture of the Phoenix fan holding up four fingers to symbolize the Suns’ imminent sweep of the Nuggets. 

For those who missed the video that went viral Friday night; During Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinal series, a Suns fan got into a shoving match with two Nuggets fans. Things took a more serious turn when one of the Denver fans threw a couple of swings at the Suns fan.

The Phoenix supporter then proceeded to pummel the guy who hit him, leaving him bleeding. After all that happened, the Suns fan finished by shouting “Suns in four!” while holding up four fingers.

With the Suns completing their sweep of the Nuggets 125-118 on Sunday night to advance to the Western Conference finals, the “Suns in 4” guy has become quite the internet sensation. 

Should Booker’s attempt at locating the fan prove successful, perhaps the Suns can treat their violent supporter to a well-deserved celebration.

Booker shared what appeared to be the fan in question on his IG Stories, claiming he acted in self defense.

This is a photo of Dbook.
Image via Instagram