Dejounte Murray is not defending his father’s tweets about James Harden’s recent injury. 

A few weeks after Dejounte took to Twitter to call out Harden over what he saw as an attempted trip (and effectively called him a “suckaaaaaaa” over), Murray’s father is now getting in on the action. Over the weekend, John Murray—known to Spurs fans as @TeamMurray05—mocked Harden on the app after the player’s hamstring injury. 

“James Harden is out due to a hamstring injury…. Karma is a Bitch,” he wrote. “Shouldn’t have tried to trip my son. I don’t wish injuries on anybody but since it happened… Fuck it.”

He continued, adding that his tweet got “Harden fans in their feelings.”

“Any father would protect his kids in any way. I never wished bad on him,” John wrote. “It happened and I’m saying ‘IDGAF.’ Grow some balls… Y’all too soft for me.”

But hours later, Dejounte hopped online to explain that he doesn’t stand by his father’s words, adding that he and Harden are good after the trip situation. 

“I have nothing to go with this and JH already cleared up the trip incident in real life,” Murray shared. “So I hope his injury isn’t nothing serious so he can come back and help his team compete for a championship!!!!!”