NFL teams hate change, except when it comes to uniforms. We have seen seven new NFL uniform debuts this offseason alone. Teams change them all the time, and whenever they do, there's a good chance they're going to mess them up. This isn't a low-stakes thing, either. NFL rules state that teams have to wait five years after debuting new uniforms. That means if a team rolls out a dud, they're stuck with it. Still, teams go out of their way to be different and break away from their traditional looks. Most of the time this completely backfires on them, but they keep doing it. 

With a number of NFL teams debuting new uniforms over the past few months, we figured it was the perfect time to roll out our official ranking of every NFL team's uniforms from worst to best. Not an easy task, but a fun one to dive into. As for the ranking, we did this by mainly looking at a team's primary uniform set. Most NFL teams have throwback jerseys, and while those help with style points, this ranking was done with their primary look in mind. With all of that said, enjoy.