From the classic names like Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Shannon Sharpe to the new blood like JJ Redick, Kendrick Perkins, and Candace Parker, NBA personalities have been at the forefront of NBA coverage and analysis. You can despise them for their basketball takes or adore them for the entertainment they bring to the table but just like NBA players, they’re on television to perform to a standard. 

And just like NBA players, these media members have had some signature moments. Most recently, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst had this “Flu Game” game a couple weeks ago while foreshadowing the Rudy Gobert trade and ultimate Utah Jazz rebuild. JJ Redick had his Game 7 masterclass when he cooked Chris “Mad Dog” Russo for his comments on Draymond Green. 

While the media has made a living off critiquing players and sports organizations, we thought it was time to evaluate and rank some of the media that have dominated the NBA space in recent years. We restricted this list specifically to in-studio analysts and personalities so by default television hosts like Ernie Johnson and Malika Andrews were left off the list despite their impact on the industry. While the theme of late has been the “New Media” of basketball, we also left off Draymond Green as he doesn’t do enough television appearances in addition to Patrick Beverley and CJ McCollum. The scoring system for each individual is split into four categories: entertainment value, NBA knowledge, memability, and fan hatred. Fan hatred is rated on a scale of 1-5 while every other category is 1-10. The fan hatred score will be deducted from the total of the first three categories. With that being said, here’s our ranking of NBA personalities. 

Honorable mention: Jalen Rose, Chiney Ogwumike, Tim Legler, Mike Wilbon, Chris Broussard