Career stats: 49,325 passing yards, 313 total touchdowns (291 passing), 58.4 completion percentage
Awards: Nine-time Pro Bowl selection, first-team All-Pro (1990), NFL Offensive Player of the Year (1990)

Warren Moon is without a doubt the best black quarterback ever to play in the NFL. In 2006 he became the first black QB inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Before his 16-year career in the NFL, Moon spent six years in the CFL—making him the first HOF inductee for both leagues. In the CFL, he was a five-time Grey Cup champion and two-time league MVP.

Yes, he started his NFL career at the age of 28 and still wound up in the top 10 of the all-time passing yards leaders. Imagine where he would be on the passing leaderboards if he spent those first six years in the NFL.