The NFL is officially in offseason after the Kansas Chiefs took down the Philadelphia Eagles to once again hoist the Lombardi Trophy. The Chiefs and Eagles now join the other 30 teams are already engaged in their offseason routines. NFL teams will begin navigating their cap situations while getting prepared for free agency and scouting potential prospect fits for the 2023 NFL Draft. After the first few weeks of free agency signings takes place and the needs of each franchise will be further clarified. 

It’s still relatively simple to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of these rosters as they head into the offseason, giving a clear indication of where these teams need to improve heading into next season.

For the release of the first mock draft, there will be no trades featured in this publication as we await more clarification on quarterback movement through free agency and trades. With the imminent departure for Derek Carr and Jimmy Garappolo in addition to the likely departure of Aaron Rodgers, a lot of quarterbacks can change the landscape of the draft. With all that being said, here is our 2023 NFL Mock Draft.