There’s not a lot of originality when it comes to sports teams picking goal songs, so credit where it’s due that the Toronto Maple Leafs have opted for the cheerful, not all that amped up “You Make My Dreams (Come True)” by 80’s blue-eyed soul duo Hall & Oates as their goal song since 2018.

In an interview clip with Tim & Friends posted on Friday, star forward Auston Matthews suggested it might be time for something different.

“I wouldn’t mind hearing something different, maybe switching it up,” the 60-goal man said.

“A little Biebs?” host Tim Micallef asked, knowing the pair are tight and Justin Bieber headed a popular reversible jersey redesign a year ago.

“Yeah, maybe a little Biebs,” Matthews replies. “Just change it, switch it up and see if we can get something else going and go on a nice little run.”

The Leafs begin their 2022-23 regular season on Oct. 12 against the Montreal Canadiens.