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Antonio Brown was reportedly kicked out of the Buccaneers’ joint practice on Thursday after he got into an altercation with Titans cornerback Chris Jackson.

Per the Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Stroud, Brown “was able to rip Jackson’s helmet off and land a clean punch,” which images appear to confirm. 

Stroud adds that after taking some time to collect himself, Brown returned to practice.

Brown’s altercation was reportedly one of several throughout the practice.

While Brown continues his NFL career, his legal woes persist. At the top of the year, Brown had to pay Britney Taylor $100,000 for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement. Tayor sued Brown in 2019 for allegedly sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions—including rape in 2018

Taylor claimed that Brown violated their confidentiality agreement by going on a tirade on social media with many shots that appeared to be directed at her and the situation. Following that, she asked an independent arbitrator to award her damages, which Brown asked to be vacated. However, since joining the Bucs, Brown has largely managed to stay out of the headlines.