If you’re a regular Complex Sports reader, you’re well aware of our annual tradition of ranking the NFL teams’ Twitter accounts from best to worst (you can check out our most recent list, from 2020, here). With Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, and the Los Angeles Rams locking up the Vince Lombardi Trophy, it’s time for the 2022 iteration.

Since NFL franchises started leveraging social media to generate more interaction with their fans over a decade ago, some of the teams have really stepped up their game. While we still see most of these timelines as lagging behind those in the more savvy, entertaining digital NBA space, some of the NFL teams have invested heavily in churning out memorable content on their social media handles.

As usual, we’ve conducted a thorough survey of the 32 NFL teams’ Twitter accounts, postulating our ranking based on creativity, originality, and humor. Though some teams have been great since the start and others have leveled up their content, others still tweet like their handlers are geriatric.

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