Matt Barnes Speaks About His Dream of Running for Political Office by Age 50

In a new interview with 'Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel,' Matt Barnes shared that he wants to run for political office by the time he turns 50.

Matt Barnes might just be your next mayor.

In a new interview with Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel, the former NBA player revealed his next career goal is to run for office. 

“I just turned 43 yesterday, and I gave myself a goal back in my 30s that by the time I turn 50, I wanted to run for some sort of office, whether that be mayor or governor or whatever it may be,” he said, per TMZ. “It would be refreshing. It’s not something people expect, but I know I can make a difference.”

He continued, “I still got seven years before that time is up. More than anything, whether I end up taking on that challenge that I gave myself 10 years ago or not, I just want to continue to show people hope, give people opportunities, and inspire the youth, because I feel like in our communities, you have to see it to believe it. I always want to be a symbol of hope—of someone who made it out of tough circumstances.”

During Barnes’ 16 seasons in the NBA, he won a championship with the Golden State Warriors in 2017, which was also his last season in the league. He’s now a basketball analyst for ESPN and NBC Sports California for Sacramento Kings games.

“I try to use my platform to speak up for those who don’t have a platform or those who don’t have a voice,” he added. “I think I’ve been misunderstood my entire life. I try to give back, I try to motivate, I try to educate.”

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