Washington Capitals' ‘Social Night’ Fails Epically After They Mistake Real Picture for Face Swap

The Washington Capitals messed up a tweet during their 'Social Media Night' by mistaking a real picture of a woman and her father for a Face Swap.

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A very smart woman once advised that if you don’t have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. That advice should be followed more on social media and IRL. For the Washington Capitals, every single member of their social staff should have those words taped above their workstations.

The Caps held their first social media night on Saturday as they took on the Montreal Canadiens. This type of promotion has been great for franchises like the Atlanta Hawks over in the NBA. However Atlanta’s social team is one of the best in all of sports, and after Saturday it is clear that Washington might need some more practice before they try their hand at social media again.

An interaction with one fan got super weird when she tweeted a picture of herself and her father enjoying the game with the hashtage #CapsSocialNight. The Capitals quoted Emily’s tweet and told her it was a great Face Swap—which it was not. 

Great faceswap 👌😏 #CapsSocialNight https://t.co/zq0M2A74JQ

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) December 18, 2016

When she told the team, they said it was meant as a joke.

psssst erbody, that's the joke 😉 #CapsSocialNight!!!

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) December 18, 2016

Emily was less than convinced, but to her credit she was really chill about the whole thing.

sure.... 😂

— Emily Longtin (@Emily_Longtin) December 18, 2016

Other users even got to see what a faceswap between Emily and her dad would look like. (Hint: Not even close.) ​

Other fans were rooting for her to get some free gear or tickets as an apology. ​Maybe Washington learned its lesson about joking around, but either way, they might want to be more careful before their fans swipe left on future promotions.

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