Watch This Cowboys Fan Pummel a Giants Fan

Old white men lead lives of quiet desperation, but it's not so quiet when they've got tickets for Sunday's game.

The Cowboys and Giants were supposed to lollygag through their final matchup in Week 17. The NFC East rivals weren't really playing for anything. Dallas had already locked up the division last week and New York was simply playing out the season before Odell Beckham, Jr. spends his summer covertly shading Eli Manning on Instagram.

Even though Dallas rested RB Ezekiel Elliot, and a couple of important offensive lineman before next weekend's Wild Card contest, and ODB was out with his quad injury for the fourth consecutive week, the 36-35 Cowboys win was anything but a snoozefest. Just ask the Saquon Barkley fan who got pummeled by an angry dad rocking a Jason Witten jersey.

It seems the offending Giants fan had grabbed the guy's son, and so he started swinging. A woman interjected, but it's unclear if she's related to the Giants fan, or she was simply trying to protect an outmatched fan at a disadvantage in size and location. Regardless, the Giants fan owes her one. 

Football games are fueled by beer, meats, and testosterone. It's a medley for madness compounded by the modern day gladiators crashing into each other on the field, and it can have an osmosis affect; although, the pugilism in the crowd does seem to originate with The Boys.

A couple of years ago, right around this time, a Cowboys fan attacked a Packers fan at a playoff game, and some women were attacked by rampaging Cowboys fans a year earlier. A Cowboys fan once inadvertently killed a Steelers fan during a fracas after a game, and another Cowboys fight led to a shooting. Those following America's Team needs to relax.

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