The Rams beat the Seahawks in a low-scoring game 9-3 on Sunday. It was their season's home opener at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, and you would think that Rams fans would be more than happy to have the team back in Los Angeles after 22 years away in St. Louis.

But it wasn't all smiles in the stands during the game.

A Seahawks fan and a Rams fan got in each other's faces. One wearing a Russell Wilson jersey approached two others, and began talking smack. Neither party backed down and a fight eventually broke out. Everyone who was surrounding the Wilson jersey guy gave him a universal beatdown. It got ugly.

The brawl that started on the staircase led to an older man screaming "HELP!" He tried to save a young child seated next to him from getting inadvertently dragged into the scuffle.

No word on what caused the brawl to begin. And this isn't the first time that the Rams had a fight in the stands within the past few weeks. During the preseason, Rams fans and Chiefs fans got in a huge brawl during their team's matchup on Aug. 20. You can see the clip of the fight with a bunch of the fans below.

But it's amazing how these Rams fans are acting like actual rams smashing their heads into one another like they're out in the wild. #HornsUp

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