O.J. Simpson Pokes Fun at Mase for ‘Football Is Simple’ Comment: ‘You Have a Firm Grasp on the Obvious, Buddy'

O.J. has been working as a sports analyst on 'It Is What It Is' since September.

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O.J. Simpson torched Mase during a recent episode of It Is What It Is by making fun of him for making an obvious statement regarding the sport of football.

On the Dec. 18 episode of the popular sports talk show, Cam, Mase, Treasure "Stat Baby" Wilson, and O.J. were discussing the San Francisco 49ers' huge win against the Arizona Cardinals and the former Bad Boy Records rapper set himself up by commenting on how the sport of football should be played. 

According to Murda Mase, the sport is "simple" because a team won't win if they score once while the other team puts up points four different times. The Harlem rap legend said, "It's simple math," but O.J. couldn't help but drag him for making an obvious statement. 

"You have a firm grasp on the obvious, buddy," O.J. said at around the 25:55 mark as Cam, Mase and Stat Baby laughed. Mase tried to recover his fumble, but it appeared too late as Cam, Stat, and O.J. continued laughing up a storm. 

"That's what I'm supposed to do," Mase said. "That's why I proceeded by saying that. Listen O, it's not supposed to be that complicated. It's actually real obvious."

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O.J. has been serving as a football analyst for It Is What It Is since September. Despite his controversial past, O.J. has been using the platform to talk about football and give his honest takes on the NFL and its star players.

His inclusion on the show makes sense, given his rich history with football. At USC, O.J. led the nation in rushing, and he won the coveted Heisman Trophy in 1968. In the NFL, O.J. was a star, earning an MVP title and serving as a commentator for Monday Night Football between 1983 and 1985.

In an interview with Complex earlier this month, Killa Cam defended O.J. and revealed how he got the football analyst job in the first place. According to Cam, it was Mase's idea. 

"We had a bunch of people we wanted to get and Mase was like, let's get O.J. So I started making the calls," said Cam. "Look, if he was guilty we wouldn’t have him on the show. Y’all want to keep convicting an innocent man. He’s innocent. If it was somebody else whiter, y’all would say ‘oh he’s innocent.’"

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