Moriah Mills Receives Huge Pornhub Search Spike Mostly By Women After Airing Out Zion Williamson

The New Orleans Pelicans star’s alleged lover is a hot search topic on the popular adult site.

(Photo by Loren Elliott / Getty Images)

Zion Williamson landed himself in some hot water after his alleged lover Moriah Mills spilled the tea on his infidelity while he announced he was going to be a father, and now she’s become a hot search topic on Pornhub

According to TMZ, Mills, who’s a former adult film actress, saw her Pornhub numbers skyrocket after the wild week she had by airing Zion out. A representative for the site told TMZ that on June 7, Mills’ name saw a 2293 percent in the search engine of the popular adult site. As of press time, Mills is currently ranked at No. 91 on Pornhub’s pornstar ranking and No. 34 for the week, which is a large jump from being ranked No. 173 in May. 

Mills is also third when it comes to trending pornstars on Pornhub. The rep also stated that the OnlyFans model would soon cross the one million mark in total searches for this month, and it’s mostly been women who have been looking for her on Pornhub. Despite the boost in numbers, not everyone is rocking with Mills. 

Last week, the artist tweeted she was receiving death threats after she spilled the beans about her alleged relationship with Zion Williamson.

"I'm being harassed now @Zionwilliamson," she wrote alongside a screenshot of an Instagram Story post that directly addressed her. "I don't like didn't threaten anyone if anything happens to me in Atlanta before December. This is getting out of hand. You need to call your people's Zion thanks I'm done."

The threat allegedly came from a family member of the woman who is currently carrying Williamson's child.

A person with the IG handle @nikkijzo wrote, "@thisismoriahmills what you won't do is threaten my pregnant cousin! I'm in Atlanta right now you wanna fade cus someone ain't choose you! What you wanna do?"

Mills added in a follow-up post, "If anything happens to me @Zionwilliamson it's on you because you have this girls family threatening me."

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