Jack Harlow Declined NFL Player-Turned-Rapper Le'Veon Bell's Request for a Feature Multiple Times

Bell appreciated that Harlow was honest and didn't do a feature just to get a check.

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Jack Harlow denied NFL player-turned-rapper Le'Veon Bell's request for a feature not once but two different times. 

During his interview with No Jumper's Sharp, Bell reflected on his rap career and how the Louisville native was respectful enough to give his honest opinion about the tracks the former football player sent over. According to Bell, he appreciated how Harlow didn't just do a feature for a bag. 

"Bro, I sent Jack Harlow two songs, and he turned them both down," Bell said about the interaction with Harlow. "The first one, he's like, 'Nah bro, this one ain't it.' The second one, he was like, 'Hey, you close on this one, but it still ain't it.'"

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Back in July, Le'Veon Bell took to his Twitter to call out Moneybagg Yo and Stunna4Vegas for not putting forth their best effort on the features they sent back. Bell explained he didn't want to drop something he didn't feel was quality work, and the only people he thought could get away with that was DrakeSZA, or Rihanna.  

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"Moneybagg & Stunna4Vegas, I paid both for .. decided not to drop these tracks with these guys because honestly, I didn't like their verses," Bell tweeted. "I feel like they just went in the booth and recorded something as fast as they could to get a quick couple bands .. Koudos, y'all got it."

He added, "For me personally, unless your Drake, SZA, or Rihanna, you gotta at least TRY or I'm not about to just drop the song just because your name is attached to it …straight up. So that's why I never dropped the tracks with Moneybagg or Stunna4vegas & most likely never will [two facepalm emojis]."

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