Cam’ron on Repairing His Friendship With Mase, Says Jadakiss Was Going to Be Original ‘It Is What It Is’ Co-host

Cam said Kiss had too busy of a schedule to commit to shooting 'It Is What It Is.'

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Cam'ron has shed some light on repairing his friendship with Mase while also revealing Jadakiss was going to be his original co-host on It Is What It Is

During his conversation with Complex, published this week, Killa Cam reflected on what it took to bury the hatchet with Mase. The two were once the closest friends and were in a group called Children of the Corn in the early '90s alongside Big L, Herb McGruff, and the late Bloodshed.

Things went awry once Mase blew up as a solo artist, and the two were embroiled in a bitter feud in the late 90s before shocking fans over 20 years later with a reunion that led to their new sports talk show It Is What It Is

According to Cam, the beef was all his fault, and once they became cool, he wanted to fix things as much as possible, especially when Mase got him his first deal.  


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"We reconciled maybe a little over a year ago," said Cam. "Mase actually helped me get my first record deal ever, and it was kind of my fault that we was beefing. I was going hard at him for years, pause, and saying a bunch of slick shit. So when we got cool again, I just wanted him to know that all that shit was dead for me."

He continued, "I just wanted to gain his trust back because I don't want him to think that I could flip out again. I'm a grown man now. I can look back because I'm old enough to say that's maybe what I was going through because he just left and was like, fuck everybody—not fuck everybody, but he was following his path of what he needed to do, and I didn't recognize that at the time."

The Dipset leader also revealed that Jadakiss was supposed to be the original co-host of It Is What It Is. However, due to busy schedules, the dream pairing never came to light, and Mase took it upon himself to join forces and work with Cam on the show. 

"It was supposed to be me and Jadakiss, but Jada is busy as well," Cam said. "Jada got shit to do, so he never came. He kept saying he's gonna come, and it's not his fault but he's busy as well. But that was my plan to do this show with me and Kiss."

He added, "One day I was like, I'll do this shit by myself. I'm gonna just have guests, and I had Mase as a guest. So when Mase came on as a guest and we vibed, I was like, 'That shit was dope. Come back every week. We could do this once a week.' So he called me. He's like, 'Would you wanna be partners on this?'"

Cam'ron was more than happy to work with Mase on the show, and they were able to figure out a business plan that turned out to be fruitful for all parties. 

"I said we could be partners, but I put up this amount of money," Cam said. "After I get my money back, we can split everything out of money down the middle, and then he was like, 'Whatever, you put up when that money run out; I'll put up the same thing you put up if we don't get a deal, [how] about that.' We didn't even get his money. I'm like, you know this n***a really wanna do this shit. Bet. So that's how it came about."

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