50 Cent Praises Shaquille O'Neal Calling Himself '50 Cent of the NBA'

50 also poked fun at Shaq's beef with Dwight Howard over the Superman logo.

Two men at sports event: one in a black suit and tie, the other in a plaid jacket and glasses
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for STARZ), (Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images)
Two men at sports event: one in a black suit and tie, the other in a plaid jacket and glasses

50 Cent has responded to Shaquille O'Neal calling himself the NBA's version of the Queens rap legend.

On a recent episode of the Big podcast, Shaq revealed he handles beef in the NBA and others by adopting how 50 managed his rap feuds. According to Shaq, he has told people that he'll go as far as dropping a mixtape dissing them if they go to war.

"That's my boy," Shaq said. "You have to understand I follow certain people that intrigue me a little bit, I'm the 50 Cent of the NBA. My mentality is if you fuck with me I'm coming out with a mixtape on you."

He added, "You got to understand it's never serious cause if it's serious it ain't going to be on the internet." 

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50, who has released his fair share of mixtapes dissing other rappers, hopped on Instagram and praised Shaq for the look while also throwing a jab at Shaq's old feud with Dwight Howard over who could use the Superman logo. 

"I love Shaq, I'm still 🤨mad yall was confused who should have the super Man logo," 50 said. "Now Dwight cleared all that shit up for you huh ? LOL."

The G-Unit founder has been in several high-profile rap feuds with the likes of Ja RuleThe GameFat JoeJadakiss, and so many more. Most recently, 50 once again took aim at Diddy and the several sexual assault allegations levied against him on Instagram. 

In a series of posts, 50 poked fun at one of the latest news clips, stating Diddy was hit with another sexual assault lawsuit by sharing the TMZ article and pictures of the rap mogul embracing Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather. 

"Aww shit, I'm on the floor dead somebody bring me back to life," 50 captioned the post of the TMZ article. Regarding the Mayweather and Rozay pictures, 50 wrote, "Maybe this is a big understanding."

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