Russell Wilson Faces Backlash for Mother's Day Instagram on Ciara and 'Our Kids'

Russell Wilson took heat for an Instagram post about Ciara and the couple's kids, and it's pretty ridiculous.

The "beef" between Russell Wilson and Future has been pretty one-sided. Future has spent a great deal of time trolling the Seahawks quarterback and his relationship with Ciara, while Wilson has mostly just focused on maintaining a happy marriage.

To the latter point, Wilson sent a heartfelt message to his wife and the mother of his child, Sienna, as part of the family's celebration of Mother's Day. In the post on his Instagram, he specifically mentioned being excited about "raising our kids" with Ciara, an obvious reference to Sienna and his stepson, baby Future.

Fans of the rapper Future—not to be confused with his biological son—saw this as an opportunity to troll Wilson on social media, and they immediately took to the comment section on his post to remind him he wasn't the "real" father of one of his children. 

future comments
future comments on russ instagram
future russell wilson

The good news is most of the trolling was flanked by messages of support from the general public, who admire Wilson for treating his stepson like he's his own child. Rather than mocking him for the heinous crime of "being a good dad," the vast majority of people were happy to acknowledge the effort he's making to raise little Future the right way.

Y'all be giving Russell Wilson sh*t for doing what a man suppose to do. Sorry not sorry that Future ain't sh*t not Russell's problem
He take care of future son more than future do.... that's Russell Wilson son now
Russell Wilson is literally raising Ciara's son & has been since the child was an infant. That's that man's child.
All Russell Wilson did was fall in love with Ciara and he gets slandered everyday for taking care of her son while her BD is a deadbeat

That makes a whole lot more sense than mocking a man for doing the right thing.

Look, sometimes relationships and families splinter when you least expect it. While it would be ideal for couples who have children together to put a loving relationship on display for their kids, people change and grow apart for any number of reasons, and many kids have to grow up with a lone parent guiding them forward.

Wilson is trying to make sure both his children—regardless of whether they're his biologically—feel the same love from their dad. That blind love is something most children with stepparents dream of, and that doesn't change just because this particular child has a well-known father with a big fan base. Wilson should continue to hold his head high and proud when talking about his kids, because his devotion to Ciara and his kids means a lot more than any reckless comments from weirdos on Instagram. 


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