Shaq Says He Was Not Flirting When He Called Ice Spice 'So Dam Fine' in Instagram Post

The NBA Hall of Famer calls his flirting style "unorthodox," so you can see how you read this situation all wrong.

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Shaq wants to let everyone know they read the situation all wrong.

The NBA Hall of Famer was not trying to flirt when he wrote that Ice Spice is "so dam fine" in an Instagram post last month. It was just his way of showing the rapper some respect.

Shaq said on the latest episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq that he walked over from his suite to Taylor Swift's suite at Super Bowl LVIII to meet with the singer, but was initially told to wait until halftime. The NBA legend continues with his story about he and his business partner Jaime Salter meeting with Taylor for a picture before saying, "Ice Spice is fine as fuck by the way."

Again, you got it all wrong. Shaq has not been flirting. This is all a sign of respect coming from The Big Diesel.

Shaq claimed he was trying to "show her some respect" since he thought people would be primarily focused on himself and Taylor taking a photo together when The Bronx native was front and center in the picture.

"So I had to come back and say, 'Oh yeah, and by the way, this little woman is fine too,'" he explained.

Shaq went on to say that this perceived method of flirting is not his style. He would describe his approach as "unorthodox," adding, "Just 'cause I say hi don't mean I'm sliding in the DM."

Shaq starts discussing the entire Taylor and Ice Spice situation at the 41-minute mark up top.

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