People Are Casting Doubt on Roger Goodell's Explanation of Why Kaepernick Isn't in the NFL

"Our clubs are the ones that make decisions," Goodell said.

roger goodell kaep

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 30: National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during the Commissioner's Press Conference during Super Bowl LIII week on January 30, 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta GA. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

roger goodell kaep

Just because Colin Kaepernick is no longer in the league doesn't mean that he's out of sight and out of mind. So when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held his highly anticipated Super Bowl press conference Wednesday, he was subjected to a handful of questions related to Kaepernick, including fans' negative response to his treatment, and how the Kaep situation will be looked upon in the history books.  

Goodell on artists receiving backlash because of Kaepernick Situation "We have close to 200 million fans we know some people will have different reactions to things that go on in the league,ultimately I think people admire and respect the things we do & want to be a part of it.

— Gifdsports (@gifdsports) January 30, 2019

Roger Goodell dances around Colin Kaepernick question when asked if NFL will look bad in history books because of how they handled the Kaep situation

— Gifdsports (@gifdsports) January 30, 2019

Goodell, to many, displayed some exceptional footwork when asked why no NFL team has signed Kaepernick. "Our clubs are the ones that make decisions on players that they wanna have on their roster," he explained. "They make that individually. They make that in the best interests of their team. I think if a team decides that Colin Kaepernick or any other player can help their team win, that's what they'll do." 

Many people called out the commish and went on Twitter to let him know just that. Check out some reactions below. 

Now this is just flat-out bullshit. "If a team decides that Colin Kaepernick or any other player can help their team win, that’s what they’ll do."

— Nancy Armour (@nrarmour) January 30, 2019

Goodell on Kaepernick: "I think if a team decides Colin can help their team win, that's what they'll the best interests of their club." This is what you say when a former Super Bowl QB is blackballed because of his political beliefs. Nice commissionering, commissioner.

— Mike Lupica (@MikeLupica) January 30, 2019

Of course he’s gonna say this.
And not even like it is not true.
What is true beyond this owners making sure the collided to minimize the voice of players in the future

Roger Goodell Explains Why Kaepernick's Not On NFL Roster |

— the Old Man Ebro (@oldmanebro) January 30, 2019

FLAT OUT LIE!!!!! @nfl

— Terrell Owens (@terrellowens) January 30, 2019

How to lie with a straight face?ask roger goodell.colin kaepernick is at least good enough to be a backup on half the teams in the nfl.absolutely wrong to deny him the opportunity to pursue his dream.


The NFL needs to save face, write Kaepernick a big ol’ check and settle this collusion case. As bad as Goodell’s comments sound now, years from now this is going to sound so much worse.

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) January 31, 2019

Goodell full of shit. Knowing damn well they banned Kaepernick

— Ken (@LeQuanTheDon) January 30, 2019

Goodell’s words on Kaepernick proves collusion because people like Nathan Peterman still get workouts and chances to be a player in the league but a player who has playoff experience and is a dual threat quarterback cant find a roster spot anywhere? Thats a load of 💩

— Joshua Knudsen (@jck510) January 30, 2019

Doesn’t it sound like such a rehearsed answer from ⁦@nflcommish⁩?It’s almost as if he colluded w team owners&lawyers in how to give a b.s. answer about ⁦@Kaepernick7.“Roger Goodell Explains Why Kaepernick's Not On NFL Roster|TMZ”

— NESSA (@nessnitty) January 30, 2019

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